Lineage: Majin Buu x Dark Dragon
Type: Feminized
Sativa/Indica: Sativa Dominant Hybrid
Flowering Time: 65 – 70 days
Yield: Large


Majin Buu x Dark Dragon

Uub is a strong Sativa Dominant Hybrid. During flower she has a very strong smell of bubble gum that will stink up the growing area if proper air purification is not in place. Through out flower the bubble gum smell becomes so strong that it starts to become something different entirely. Once picked and dried and ready to smoke you will be greated with heavy sweet bubble gummy goodness, but giving her some cure time will help bring out the Sweet Tea from the Majin Buu and helps calm down the Bubble gum flavor to provide a more exotic sweet tasting bubble gum and sweet tea mix (it’s different from anything I’ve ever tasted, but I like it a lot).

If you are looking for something with good taste, large yields and nice trichome production Uub is something you will absolutely want to try.


  1. Maritime Sungrown

    Uub – small but mighty
    Ran an Uub in a 45 gallon in my greenhouse. Really grew a sativa profile, spread with smaller buds. Early maturity came with a reasonable pace but it kept developing long after that point. With fall it changed colours to almost a black purplel. Yield was not huge but what did yield is all good quality. Makes delicious hash rosin.

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